Arthur Lubetz

Adjunct Faculty

Arthur Lubetz has taught architectural studio courses at Carnegie Mellon University since 1988. He is a graduate of the Carnegie Mellon (Carnegie Institute of Technology) and has maintained an architectural studio in Pittsburgh since 1967. His work was selected for inclusion in the Carnegie Mellon Architectural Archives.

Lubetz's architectural awards include an In the Public Interest award from Architectural Record for his Lincoln Towers housing complex near New York City and an award from the AIA of New York City recognizing his design for the Hartford, CT city hall, office complex and library. He has exhibited at The Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh, the Sarajevo Winter Cultural Festival in Bosnia and the Frick Fine Arts Center of the University of Pittsburgh, among other venues. His work has been cited in numerous publications, including Architecture Magazine, Metropolitan Home Magazine, and Progressive Architecture as well as several books on architecture.

As president of Preservation Pittsburgh in 2000, Art Lubetz was one of the leaders of a successful movement to block an attempt to destroy six square blocks of historic buildings in downtown Pittsburgh. He was a founding member of the Pittsburgh Community Design Center and served as one of its earliest board members. Arthur Lubetz Associates practices in a wide geographical area. 

Arthur Lubetz Associates, Architects, Founder and President.