1. PREPARATION: Users must sufficiently prepare a 3D model using software of their choosing. dFAB personnel will provide minimal troubleshooting assistance. dFAB Personnel will not provide in-depth instruction or training with 3D modeling software outside of courses. Make certain that your 3D model meets the minimum wall thickness requirements as indicated in Policy C.

2. EXPORT: 3D-Models should be exported as a Stereo-lithography file type [STL]. If the file includes multiple parts, each part should be exported separately as its own file.

3. CHECK: Open your STL file in Rhinoceros 3D. Type ’MESH REPAIR’ into the command prompt and press ENTER. A new window will appear indicating all problem areas (if any). If the window indicates ‘This is a Good Mesh’ then proceed to Step 5.

4. TROUBLESHOOTING: If your file reads as a ‘Bad Mesh’, then it is not capable of 3D printing, and requires troubleshooting. Visit the dFAB website, and browse available 3D printing tutorials for assistance.

5. SUBMISSION: Print a dFAB_3Dprinting_01dec2014 form and fill in the necessary information. Bring the form to the dFAB office. Place your properly named STL file in the dfab_3d print_temp folder which is accessible from the dFAB computers.

6. REVIEW: dFAB staff will review your file and confirm whether it will print on the desired machine. If rejected by the machine’s software, the user will need to make the necessary changes to the STL file and resubmit.

7. PICK UP: You will receive an email when your part is ready for pick up or if there are any additional issues with your file during the print process.


DIMENSION 768 ABS Plastic Printer

Maximum Build Size: 8in x 8in x 12in

Layer Resolution: .010in or .013in

Minimum Wall Thickness: .040in

Print Color: white

User Pricing: $6.00/ + $6.00/base

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 11.58.37 AM.png

OBJET30 Polyjet Printer

Maximum Build Size: 11.5in x 7.5in x 5.8in

Layer Resolution: .001in

Minimum Wall Thickness: .030in

Print Color: white

User Pricing: $0.40/gram ($5.00 minimum charge)


PROJET 360 Powder Printer

Maximum Build Size: 10in x 8in x 8in

Layer Resolution: .004in

Minimum Wall Thickness: .125in

Minimum Column Diameter: .250in

Print Color: white

User Pricing: $5.00/ ($5.00 minimum charge)